Monday, 7 January 2008

Eternity's Lens

Eternity's lens placed over a camera
brings colour to the photograph
a new context finds its way in shot
and suddenly the light is perfect

The haze and unclear blur departs
and we find ourselves in focus
upon the center of this picture now
so beautifully composed!

A shutter snap! A sudden flash!
A winding murmur deep within
a fraction of infinite life
captured in a glimpse of him

Camera I plead that you,
might try this blessed lens
see everyday through eyes of faith
and see those days will never end.

Prayer of Exaltation

To him who will not let you fall,
and justifies by grace
those whom he did so sweetly call
to look upon his face

Our saviour God who reigns on high
with wisdom, our strong tower
be glory now and forever more
dominion and power


Jude v 24 - 25